If it’s expensive, surely that must mean it works.

June 22, 2010 § Leave a comment

Growing up in Canada, I maximized every opportunity to sit in the sun and “work” on my tan.  On a trip to Hawaii several years back, I over-indulged and ended up with a pretty severe sunburn.

The damage is visible, and the color of my skin in that area has permanently changed… or so I thought.

I recently went on a personal experiment to discover if the claims of one very expensive department store brand night repair serum (which shall remain nameless) was going to deliver and produce any actual results.

This product claims it was based on 25 years of DNA research and I will see a DRAMATIC reduction in the visible signs of aging.  Ok I’ll buy that.  After all I’m sure they’ve done their homework considering the finality of the claim, how large the company is and the huge chunk of change it took out of my wallet.

For 30 nights, I religiously used this product before bed.  Gobbed it on, figuring more is more and more is good!  So more it was!

Each morning I surveyed the area, inspected, and evaluated my skin for any kind of difference, anything.  10 days come and go, 20, 30… and still no results.

So I continued on for another 30 days thinking that perhaps my skin was worse then their test subjects, giving them the benefit of the doubt … still nothing, and I’m out 75$ for 1 oz of this “magical” serum.

This product now sits on my increasingly cluttered shelf of skin care disappointment, which is really a shame, I had high hopes for it.  I’m disappointed in the clearly false claim, the price, and quite honestly the scent.  You would think for gouging me they could at the very least make it smell pretty.

I’ve now turned to Calendula (which can be found in our Grace & Pepper Bod Butter). Calendula has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, healing, and soothing properties for all skin types and can be used for a variety of purposes including burns (yes burns!), cracked skin, insect bites, diaper rash and even stretch marks!

Considering the amazing healing properties of Calendula essential oil, I have been slathering on the G&P All Over My Bod Butter … literally everywhere, including the tip of my ear I singed with my flat iron.  Best of all, IT WORKS and it doesn’t cost half a paycheck.  My chest and neck have started to show a decrease in clev wrinkle (embarrassing but true), and redness.  YAY.

We are working hard to get our All Over My Bod Butter ready for you, but just think, if this butter is so amazing, surely our other products are too!  See what everyone is saying on our  Facebook fan page and our product reviews. Everything is 30% off now until June 30th… check us out!

By:  Mel Knight


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