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The end of 2010 marked the beginning of a G+P hiatus for me. I’m now the mom to an amazing 7-month-old little boy named Ryan. He is my healer.

The last year I’ve been absorbed in reading, talking and shopping everything organic. I adopted the attitude that “if it’s not organic, it’s crap”. I was learning to balance my new life role and with that I wanted to detox my body, and cleanse and purge everything in my beauty regime! So that’s what I did. I literally threw out hundreds of dollars of failed beauty products. Jar after jar of promises, tube after tube of hopes and pump after pump of dreams that all fell flat. I wanted nothing to do with these caustic brands I had been so loyal to, and in some cases, coveted. My plan was to replace them with organic, good for me, good for the earth, tree hugging, crunchy brands. I was on a mission!

Like a dutiful consumer I sought them out, researched, took referrals, read blogs, and then went shopping. I was determined that everything must go. My new beauty regime became a line up of letters and symbols. USDA, OTCO, PETA, … you get the idea. Then one by one, I put them aside, halfway used up and moved on. I didn’t realize the circle of events that was taking place. I got a wicked rash from a spendy all natural deodorant, my face popped a few pimples big enough for their own zip code, my hair was stripped from the No Poo shampoo I made myself, I’ve burned my eyes out on a face wash, I put up with a lotion that made me gag, and I stink!! I’m a beauty disaster! There I said it!

These “good for me” brands were just as disappointing as all the department store brands! That spendy natural deodorant broke this organic, environmentally friendly mama’s back! I couldn’t help but think, G+P is way better then this! WHAT. AM. I. DOING!?!

While it’s great if all your beauty products are organic, environmentally friendly and keep working their socks off for you, that has not been my experience. I NEED cute nails, gorgeous smooth hair, soft blemish free skin and I want to smell fantastic! Why should I have to sacrifice? With that, my friends, I re-launch G+P.

Be as kind to your skin as you can. What you put on your body goes in it. The product should work its little butt off for you, make you smell, look and feel like a million bucks! !




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